Eye Colour:  Brown

Hair Colour:  Brown

Height:  160cm

Ellena takos



Nicki Minaj Times Square' | Lead Dancer  | Nokia/ Attack! Marketing

Danzzze Dreams Japan Tour | Featured Dancer  | Yoshimoto/ Hinton Battle

Dancing Queen Canada Tour |  Dancer  | Spirit Productions

NBA All- Star France | Brooklynette  | NBA/ Adar Wellington

Brooklynettes |  Dancer  | NBA Adar Wellington

 Lil Kim | Backup  Dancer  | High Cailber Entertainment

Lil John | Backup Dancer  | High Cailber Entertainment        



Joss Stone Fashions Night Out  |  Dancer  |  Tommy Hilfiger/Jermaine Browne

Mac Miller 'Of The Soul  |  Lead Dancer | Rex Arrow Films

The Suzan 'HA HA HA'  | Featured  Dancer  | Yoshimoto/ Hinton Battle       



Orbit VMAs |  Diva | Orbit/ MTV

Friends With Benefits  |  Flash Mob Dancer  | Will Gluck   

New Years Eve  |  Actor  | Gary Marshall

Bull Episode 19 'Bring It On' |  Principal Dancer / Choreographer  | CBS/Doug Aaroniokoski

Magic Mike Promo w/ Channing Tatum |  Featured Dancer  | The Today Show /NBC

Robin's Re- BootCamp |  Cyclist   | Good Morning America

Target Fashion Week Commercial  |  Commercial  Dancer  | Bureau Betak / Blanca Li